23 l’il collector cards

Hey folks,

Okay, so far I’ve done 23 straight rock star portraits, which I’m selling at signed, numbered, limited (to 70) 8 ½” x 11” prints.

Buyer Mohammed Osama has suggested I use a fine point gold pen in the future instead of the fat one I’ve been using so, yes, thanks, Mohammed, great idea—I bought one and that’s what I’ll be using moving forward.

But I’m now offering the following.

As pictured, I got all 23 made into 2 ½” x 3 ½” “baseball cards.” Each has a custom second side with a card number, the title of the illustration and a short description of where and when the gig took place that the drawing is depicting—this is essentially the descriptive text you see at my gallery in ArtPal.

By the way, if you want to see these bigger, click on Gallery or go to ArtPal.com.

It’s a mix of Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Fastway, Foghat, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Uriah Heep, Yes and ZZ Top.

One favour: I’m dying to know who out there would be interested in these little collector cards of my other two categories right now: the imagined record ads and the 39 illustrations I did for Flaming Telepaths: Imaginos Expanded and Specified.

Anyway, so a full set of 23 portraits as collector cards:

$25 US to the US, shipping included.

$30 Canadian, within Canada, shipping included.

$40 US internationally, shipping included (most European countries anyway; please tell me where you are first).

You can PayPal to martinp@inforamp.net if this is of interest to you. Thanks, and hey, really, thank you for making this little venture a success so far with the bigger prints and even the odd original out the door. I want to do this full-time, and the maths are working out okay, tentatively, to get there soon enough.

By the way, after watching a bunch of youtube videos, I feel like I’ve been charging too much for the prints. Email me if there’s a little batch you might be interested in and I promise I’ll knock a lot off compared to what you and me did the previous times.

Steven, Joe, Joey

Did this Aerosmith one yesterday but more important, had a note in calendar saying this is the day my Bowie@75 book apparently hits US shores. Trying to secure copies for resale. Seems like it’s still gonna be a few weeks and then things get busy with less time for scribbling pictures. Just packed up a bunch of the Flaming Telepaths pictures to ship tomorrow. Okay, back to work, GST return etc.

Brad Whitford

Yay! New drawing turned out today. Usually there’s two tries at other folks before I get a likeness I’m happy with but this was a first-timer today. Yes, unfortunately there’s a good hour wasted that goes into each successful one. Here’s the text on ‘er sent to ArtPal, where you can prints of these: The unsung Brad Whitford, vitally important to Aerosmith, in action on June 27, 2012 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Support on the night was Cheap Trick. This is from an original photo by Bill Baran.

Two new pictures

I added the Dave Peverett drawing today, and also a Gentle Giant – Civilian fake ad, although I don’t have that as a print. Ha ha, added to so that the Aerosmith Rocks (not my favourite), doesn’t show so big. Off on a rare Sunday AM mailing trip of the new Yes book, which came in Friday; this is Yes: A Visual Biography 2: 1982 – 2022. Email me if interested, as it’s not at my other website yet.

Bill Bruford

Just talked about him on Sea of Tranquility with Pete and today I see a Financial Times story reproduced in the National Post on him, now that he’s got a retrospective box set coming out. Pretty cool thing he says at the end – first, that he was never a hard hitter, but second, that over time, his whacks have been even less shouting and more implied.

Mornin’ – day 2…

…of this fun site experience. I suppose I better post a bunch just so I remember how to do it, here at the beginning. Getting all my props in order for my regular Friday AM stint with Pete Pardo on Sea of Tranquility. Didn’t enjoy that Leafs loss last night. Oh well, we’ll get through it. And no F1 this weekend. Grrr.

These creepy music ruiners will be discussed on today’s show.